Pioneering the Future of Carbon-Negative Data Center Solutions

Revolve Labs aims to construct and operate next-gen carbon-negative data centers prioritizing Bitcoin mining and AI High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads, showcasing our commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability.

Shaping the Future

AI, HPC, and Carbon-Negative Innovation

Dive into the future with Revolve Labs, where cutting-edge AI high-performance computing meets the power of renewable energy. We're crafting a visionary growth plan that embraces the AI revolution and pioneers a sustainable, carbon-negative model.

Our commitment extends beyond today's technology - we're building the foundations for a greener, smarter tomorrow.

Bitcoin Mining Operations Across the US

Revolve Labs is at the heart of Bitcoin mining innovation. With state-of-the-art facilities strategically located across the US, we offer robust parts, repairs, and hosting services.

Our operations are a testament to efficiency, reliability, and scalability, laying the groundwork for our ambitious expansion plans.

Current Hashrate Capacity

537 PH/s



Number of miners deployed


MW energized

Our Facilities

Our Journey

Revolve Labs started with a focus on Bitcoin mining but quickly evolved to embrace a larger mission. Realizing the potential of our operations to drive renewable energy, we're shifting towards a model where Bitcoin mining supports and enhances green energy initiatives. This transition lays the foundation for our innovative carbon-negative approach, blending traditional mining with AI High-Performance Computing.

Trusted by our partners around the world

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Trusted by miners around the world

So Far So Good

"I moved $500k worth of idle machines over to Revolve Labs. They were extremely fair during the negotiation and were super quick to inspect, install and repair as necessary my miners. They have great communication."


Fantastic Company!

"Revolve have been fantastic. As a company, they seem to really care about what their customers want and need, and then try to make it happen. It's also very refreshing to have a company that treats a small-scale miner like myself as an important customer."


Easy setup and communicate well

"I've hosted with Revolve for over 5 months now. I'm happy with their service and I get timely emails letting me know if and when there's any curtailment. No complaints so far. I'll come back to this review if I have any complaints."


Reliable partner since 2018

"As a Swiss company, 7Cloud Mining AG is proud to have Revolve as a reliable mining partner since 2018. Humanly unbeatable. Excellent quality uptime and service. We hope for many more good years together."

Aleks Zdjelar

Honest Company

"I've been mining with Revolve since their days in Russia (glad we got out of there)! Even though I'm a small customer, they've always taken the time to make sure I'm satisfied and have made sure there was hosting space for as many miners as I wanted/could afford. They also are very meticulous about informing you of upcoming outages, which MN seems to have quite often. Also, it's very easy to communicate with them via Discord if you have any questions/issues."


A Host you'd take home to Mom.

"The RL boys are the real deal. After a poor first experience with another hosting company, HashBranch was kind enough to reach out and introduce me to Revolve Labs. Their communication is on point & onboarding process was seamless. One of their founders personally reached out to help me configure software as a first-timer, and their staff had my miner up & running within 24 hours of it being delivered to their doorstep."


Ready for an unrivaled Bitcoin mining experience?