Our Vision

To become the leading platform that shapes the sustainable digital economies of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, starting by providing carbon-negative Bitcoin mining solutions, making renewable energy investments profitable and inviting, while simultaneously aiming to bring greater reliability, clarity, and accessibility to computation and finance.

Our Values

We offer a smart contract-based mining participation strategy and facilitate turnkey hosting operations using green technologies. These offerings are part of our commitment to drive a rapid ROI on energy investments and to test and deploy new energy technologies at our Bitcoin mining operations.


Pioneering innovation

We don't just follow trends - we create them. Our passion for innovation drives us to explore uncharted territories in sustainable digital economies.


Unwavering commitment to sustainability

Our dedication to a greener future is at the heart of everything we do. We're not just providing renewable energy solutions - we're shaping a sustainable future for all.


Striving for excellence

Good enough is never enough for us. We're committed to delivering the highest quality services and continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible.


Making the future accessible

We're breaking down barriers and opening doors. Our mission is to make renewable energy investments and digital economies not just a vision for the future, but a reality for all.


Integrity in every action

We believe in doing the right thing, always. Our actions are guided by honesty, transparency, and a strong moral compass.


Collaboration at our core

We know that we're stronger together. We foster a culture of collaboration and partnership, knowing that every goal is more achievable when we work as a team.


Empowering the underdog

We're here to level the playing field. We stand with small Bitcoin mining companies, providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive in a competitive market.

Our Team

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Felipe Pinto

CEO Revolve Labs

Stanford MBA, Harvard JD.

5+ years in the compute management space.

Product Management, E-Commerce and Finance background.

CCNA at the age 16.

Fluent in Mandarin.

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Cody Nelson

COO Revolve Labs

Trained dozens of repair center technicians worldwide on behalf of Bitmain, the leading ASIC hardware manufacturer.

Several years of experience managing large-scale data center operations and running one of the world’s largest ASIC repair facilities.

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Grant Ayers

Technical Manager

Stanford PhD, Computer Science; MS, Electrical Engineering.

Publications in top journals for work leveraging AI to optimize massive-scale computer networks.

Hardware Architect and Security Specialist.

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Aleks Zdjelar

Director Europe

BS, Computer Science/Economics.

10 years’ full-stack software development experience in FinTech and Insurance.

Founder of a premier Swiss digital asset cloud compute management company.

Many years’ experience in sales and business development.

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Josh Bell

Director of Business Development

With us since 2018, Josh has closed millions in revenue of deal flow, secured partnerships with some of the largest players in compute management, helped launch core products, and still has time to ride a motorcycle.

A picture of Joby Hammond.

Joby Hammond

Marketing Coordinator

BS, International Consumer Marketing.

Sales & Marketing background.

Helped numerous web3 projects build out their marketing strategy.

An ocean lover with the desire to make the world a better place.