Future Projects

Explore the landscape of tomorrow with Revolve Labs, where we outline our embrace of renewable energy to pioneer a carbon-negative model and also advance the frontiers of AI High-Performance Computing (HPC) for a sustainable technological future.

Embracing Renewable Energy

Revolve Labs is embarking on an exciting expansion into large-capacity wind farm sites. Our goal is to establish long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and behind-the-meter arrangements, allowing us to receive energy from wind farms directly. This initiative is a cornerstone of our strategy to blend cutting-edge technology with sustainable energy solutions.

Our Carbon-Negative Model

Revolutionizing Energy Use

Revolve Labs aims to pioneer a carbon-negative model in the data center industry. Our unique approach centers on maximizing the use of renewable energy, specifically from wind farms, and contributing back to the grid. This process ensures that we supply more renewable energy to the grid than we consume, achieving true carbon negativity and redefining environmental sustainability in our operations.

The Role of Old-Gen ASICs and Self-Mining

We will deploy a large fleet of old-gen ASICs dedicated to self-mining, activated only during periods of wind energy oversupply. This system is designed to operate at an estimated uptime of 25-35% annually, functioning as a pure buyer of last resort. In situations where the grid requires additional energy, we curtail our operations and feed the energy back into the grid, supporting overall energy stability.

High Uptime Capacity Management

Complementing our old-gen ASICs, we maintain a smaller set of high-uptime capacity resources. Primarily powered by wind energy, these resources are grid-connected to ensure consistent operation, even when wind supply is low. This setup guarantees the high uptime necessary for our operations while still adhering to our sustainability principles.

Achieving Carbon-Negative Status

The synergy of our operational model – utilizing wind energy oversupply and grid support – allows us to be a net provider of renewable energy. By consuming less energy than we help generate, we achieve a carbon-negative status, setting a new benchmark in the data center market for environmental responsibility.

Competitive Pricing and Market Positioning

Our innovative model not only champions sustainability but also ensures competitive pricing. With energy costs among the lowest 5% in the market, we offer unparalleled value, combining cost-efficiency with our carbon-negative commitment.

Ready for Next-Gen AI

High-Performance Compute Infrastructure

Emphasizing Scalability and Sustainability

Our approach to AI High-Performance Computing is two-fold:

  1. Scalability to handle the exponential growth of AI applications.

  2. Steadfast commitment to carbon negativity.

This ensures that as AI technology scales, it does so with minimal environmental impact.

The Promise of Carbon-Negative AI High-Performance Compute

Our future AI HPC infrastructure is being designed with the dual goals of technological excellence and environmental responsibility. We aim to offer a powerful platform for AI inference, supported by our innovative carbon-negative model, demonstrating that high-tech growth can be achieved sustainably.